Spring Cleaning: The Best Uses for Whip-It Cleaner

Spring cleaning is a practice of cleaning the house thoroughly during springtime, and this is especially prevalent in climates where there is a heavy winter. It is a time to get your house in order and prepare for the hot summer months to come.

The term is now usually used metaphorically to refer to any other kind of heavy-duty organization or cleaning effort. Someone who gets their affairs in order before an auditing exercise is also said to be doing their spring cleaning.


So, this exercise originated from the olden days, when homes were usually heated using fire, and the doors were kept shut in order to keep the air warm in the house. So, after winter, there was usually plenty of grime and soot that accumulated in the cold, and it was necessary to clean the home when the cold weather passed. Today, one of the best products to clean your house is the well-known Whip-It cleaner.

Spring Cleaning: The Best Uses for Whip-It Cleaner
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The Best Uses for Whip-It Cleaner

The Whip-It multi-purpose cleaning liquid is a concentrated stain remover that is used on carpets and other household appliances. It is a strong cleaning detergent that comes in handy, especially during spring cleaning.

It can work on hard surfaces that are otherwise hard to clean. The beauty of this strong detergent is that it is made from plant-based products such as eucalyptus oil. It also helps in the removal of hard stains in your home.

Whip-it is safe to use around your kids and pets and does not have a very strong scent. For this reason it is an enzymatic cleaning product that helps eliminate odors in the house as well. 

Benefits of Using Whip-It Cleaner

It is Concentrated 

This means that it can get to the tough stains real quick. You also do not have to work so hard to get rid of stubborn stains with the product.

Whip-It is Non-Toxic 

This is perhaps the best part of the product. It will not cause any harm to your home, kids, or pets. You can freely use it in the kitchen near your dishes and still keep everyone safe.

It is lightly scented 

With highly concentrated cleaning products, the scent becomes an issue when you are done cleaning. However, with Whip-It, it will leave a light scent and get rid of all the other scents that may have been in your home.

Features & Considerations

The first thing you need to know about this cleaning detergent is that it is highly concentrated. It is an alkaline-based cleaner that should only be used on surfaces that are able to handle its high PH levels. This alkalinity is the reason why it can neutralize the acid-based stains quickly and you do not have to use too much energy cleaning.

It is, however, important to note that if you are sensitive to certain plant extracts such as eucalyptus, you should ensure that you use gloves when using it to work in your home. Otherwise you may end up with some burns or an allergic reaction.

The product is environmentally conscious and designed to be very green. It is biodegradable and does not contain any phosphates, bleach, acids. It will not compromise the water table quality and can be introduced to sewer systems easily.

What do people say about the product?

There are plenty of good reviews about Whip-It cleaner. In fact, and most people have been raving about how effective and easy-to -se the product is. They also say that it will quickly remove almost all stains you throw its way.

Some people claim that they were even able to remove grease from their clothes and carpets with the cleaner. There is plenty of success stories when it comes to the product and it can even get rid of cat urine and skunk spray.

Spring Cleaning: The Best Uses for Whip-It Cleaner
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


As with everything chemical, it is always important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using this product. Read the instructions carefully before using it in your home. We hope Whip-It cleaner can help make your cleaning work easier!