Discover the Makeup Subscription Service Ipsy

If you love trying new kinds of make then you’re going to want to know about a makeup subscription service called Ipsy. Ipsy will send you a makeup bag of 5 deluxe cosmetic samples for 12 bucks a month. 

These products usually include items such as perfumes, skincare products, and skin products, and nail products as well. It was founded through a YouTube beauty movement that was spearheaded by Michelle Phan who is a makeup artist. 


She fearlessly supported self-expression and inclusivity options to make this company happen. Their sole purpose is to inspire people all over the world to express their natural and unique beauty. 

Discover the Makeup Subscription Service Ipsy
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Everything they do in the company is to help you on your journey of self-discovery, and once you start with them, you shall feel more confident allowing your unique beauty to shine each day.

How Does the Program Work?

Their growth model is through driver subscriptions through the influence of Phan and other vloggers. Phan was originally the boss of the company and her work was to contribute one or two beauty blogs and videos each month.

According to the company, there are hundreds of beauty content creators in the world today and they wanted all of them to utilize Ipsy. 

The company does not buy the samples that are available in their sample bags. The cosmetic firms provide them for free as part of their marketing strategy. These companies then expect feedback from Ipsy subscribers.

As of 2016, Ipsy had spent almost zero dollars on advertising, but they have continued to host and sponsor their beauty conventions annually. This is where vloggers, cosmetic firms, and the public meet to find out more about each other.

What Is the Cost?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of being a member of this company is around $12 each month, which works out to around $132 annually.

All the subscribers usually receive what they call a “Glam Bag,” which contains 4-5 deluxe-sized samples of beauty products. You’ll be happy to know that shipping is free.

How Can You Personalize Ipsy?

They personalize the Glam Bags by using a system called IPSY Match. This makes use of selections from your beauty profile and your product review feedback and then they choose the best products for you to try out.

They also introduce you to new amazing products that you may not have heard about or even tried before with your makeup subscription.

The glam bags usually include a wide variety of different products and they love to encourage their subscribers to try everything out and give it a chance.

The Beauty Profile

They use a beauty profile that you are required to fill out when joining the company. This helps them understand your requirements and the specific type of products you would be interested in receiving. 

Their IPSY Match makes use of this profile to do the beauty matching. If you would like to change what you originally filled out in the profile, all you have to do is update the profile through a very simple process.

Start by logging into your IPSY.COM account, and then choose “Account.” You should then navigate to “Edit Account Settings,” To be able to “Update Beauty Preferences.”

Discover the Makeup Subscription Service Ipsy
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This company specifically makes use of product reviews to understand how you feel about what they sent you. So, you are required to provide your feedback on the website so they can provide better product matches.

The more feedback you provide them, the more personalized your glam bag will be. You can use these products to create a makeup look you wouldn’t have thought of before.